We want to share information about our Wee Nippers Early Childhood Centres in Invercargill and Mosgiel with you. Send us any questions that can help you choose the right Wee Nippers Childcare early childhood education centre for your child.

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In the meantime, maybe our Frequently Asked Questions can help...

Where are Wee Nippers Early Childhood Centres located?

Wee Nippers Early Childhood Centre Invercargill is located close to Invercargill’s CBD, just west of the Elles Road roundabout at 271 Tweed Street.

Wee Nippers Early Childhood Centre Mosgiel is located in the Highland Park area of Mosgiel on the corner of Ayrshire Drive and Factory Road. 

Can I visit Wee Nippers to take a look around?

Yes. We welcome prospective families and children to visit throughout the week. It’s best if you call ahead to our Invercargill Centre on 03 214 1718 and our Mosgiel Centre on 03 552 0258 and to discuss the best time to come.

What are Wee Nippers’ hours of operation?

Wee Nippers Centres are open Monday - Friday from 7:30am to 6:00pm. 

What are Wee Nippers’ fees?

Contact us for a full information pack including our fee schedule.

To contact Wee Nippers Invercargill, please click here to send an email

To contact Wee Nippers Mosgiel, please click here to send an email

Do you provide meals?

We provide morning teas, lunch, afternoon tea and a late snack each day. The cost of these is included in fees for children paying full fees. As funding does not cover this cost, we ask for a small charge to cover the cost of food for children receiving the 20 ECE hours.

Do you provide nappies and formula or do we have to bring them?

Parents and caregivers are asked to provide all bottles and formula, disposable nappies and wet wipes.

If I have a child attending Wee Nippers, will their brother or sister automatically be able to come to Wee Nippers too?

We definitely give preference to siblings of children already enrolled. In fact we encourage parents to pre-enrol siblings as soon as possible to book places for when you want them.

What is the child-to-teacher ratio?

We do even better than the ratios regulated by the Ministry of Education striving for ratios of one adult per four under 2-year old children and one adult per nine children aged 2 years or more.

Do you require parent involvement?

As we build our Wee Nippers communities, parent participation is part of each Centre’s success. And it can be fun! We encourage you to join us for events and outings as often as you want or are able to. We will even give you as much notice as possible of events in order to give you time to book leave from work if needed. We’re keen to have Wee Nippers represented in community events so from time to time a call might go out for extra hammers and paintbrushes.

Does Wee Nippers offer the 20 hours ECE and WINZ subsidies?

We do offer the 20 ECE hours for 3 and 4 year olds provided by the Ministry of Education to all 3 and 4 year old children in New Zealand. Please remember that these are only available for a maximum of 20 hours a week and up 6 hours a day maximum. To be eligible you must complete an attestation form which confirms your attendance and that you are not attending another early childhood centre at the same time as you have applied for 20 ECE funding at Wee Nippers.

Work and Income operates a subsidy for parents whose children attend Early Childhood Centres and we are registered with WINZ, so please talk to WINZ about subsidies for fees. They have all the forms and information needed to determine whether you qualify for a subsidy. Please note that full payment of fees is the caregiver’s responsibility and will be required until a subsidy has been approved as well as a bond of one week's fees that is required for all attending children when they enrol.

Need to contact us?

Call Wee Nippers Mosgiel on 03 552 0258

Call Wee Nippers Invercargill on 03 214 1718

Visit us at 271 Tweed Street, Invercargill 9812 and 1 Ayreshire Drive, Mosgiel 9024

Where to find us

Cnr Ayreshire Drive and Factory Road, Mosgiel 9024

Mosgiel Map

271 Tweed Street, Invercargill 9812