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22 March 2019 - 25 March 2019: Wee Nippers Mosgiel Otago Anniversary Weekend

Wee Nippers in Mosgiel will be closed for Otago Anniversary Day from 6pm Friday, 22 March 2019 until 7.30am on Tuesday, 26 March 2019.  

19 April 2019 - 22 April 2019: Wee Nippers Mosgiel Easter Holiday

Wee Nippers in Mosgiel will be closed for Easter from 6pm Thursday, 18 April 2019 until 7.30am on Tuesday, 23 April 2019.  

19 April 2019 - 23 April 2019: Wee Nippers Invercargill Easter and Southland Anniversary Holiday

Wee Nippers in Invercargill will be closed for Easter and Southland Anniversary Day from 6pm Thursday, 18 April 2019 until 7.30am on Wednesday, 24 April 2019.  

25 April 2019: ANZAC Day

Wee Nippers in Mosgiel and Invercargill will be closed for ANZAC Day from 6pm Wednesday, 24 April 2019 until 7.30am on Friday, 26 April 2019.   

31 May 2019 - 3 June 2019: Queen's Birthday Weekend

Wee Nippers in Mosgiel and Invercargill will be closed for Queen's Birthday Weekend from 6pm Friday, 31 May 2019 until 7.30am on Tuesday, 4 June 2019.  

25 October 2019 - 28 October 2019: Labour Weekend

Wee Nippers in Mosgiel and Invercargill will be closed for Labour Weekend from 6pm Friday, 25 October 2019 until 7.30am on Tuesday, 29 October 2019.  

21 December 2019 - 5 January 2020: Wee Nippers' annual summer closedown

Wee Nippers in Mosgiel and Invercargill will be closed for their annual holiday and maintenance projects from 6pm Friday, 20 December 2019 until 7.30am on Monday 6 January 2020.  

Christchurch 15 March 2019

This is a really tough time for New Zealanders and it’s critical our children and young people get the support and care they need as they return to schools and other learning institutions. The events in Christchurch can confuse and frighten anyone who may feel unsafe or worried that their friends or loved-ones are at risk. They will look to others for information, guidance and support. Read more.

Secrets from the Wee Nippers Kitchen

At Wee Nippers we are proud of the wonderful meals and snacks that our wonderful cooks Nicola and Lyn create every day for your children.  Our Healthy Heart Award certification is just the (very healthy) icing on the (also very healthy) cake! In our newsletters we share the recipes for some of the children's favourites. Read more.

Storypark at Wee Nippers

We use Storypark badge 400x400In October 2015 we launched Storypark online learning portfolios for Wee Nippers Mosgiel. Wee Nippers Invercargill followed in 2017. We will still have our paperbased learning journals. However because of its online format, Storypark makes sharing of information between home and Wee Nippers, parents and whanau and teachers more immediate.

Parents and whanau have special insight into their child’s development and personality and can share valuable information as well as giving teachers feedback on the learning and adventures that their children are experiencing while with us at Wee Nippers. 

Learn more about Storypark.

Measles Update from the Ministry of Health

There is a measles outbreak which looks to be spreading, with reported cases in Canterbury and Auckland to date. The Canterbury District Health Board confirms there are now 27 confirmed measles cases in Canterbury. 

Measles is a serious, highly infectious, potentially life-threatening disease and affects everyone; babies, children and adults. 

Symptoms include a fever, a cough, red eyes and a runny nose, sometimes small white spots on the back inner cheek of your mouth; then a rash which develops after about three days. About one in ten people with measles need to be hospitalised and 30% will develop complications.

Parents should contact their GP for advice. Children should not attend early learning services to prevent putting other people at risk, particularly vulnerable people including babies and pregnant women.

This as a timely reminder to check your child’s vaccination status and ensure they are up to date with their vaccinations.  You may also use this as an opportunity to review the vaccination status of your whole family.

Read more